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Tao of Pizza Podcast

Mar 4, 2024

Joey Spanjers is the Chief Strategy Officer and Partnerships at Teicor, a company that helps firms boost their profitability. Joey's expertise spans various domains, starting from his early days producing shows like Survivor and The Voice. Transitioning to the digital media landscape, he collaborated with brands and content creators, leading him to roles at Encompass Films and Amplify.LA. Later, as the former VP of New Business Development at Hawke Media and Co-founder of Elliot, a global commerce platform, he focused on growing e-commerce brands worldwide. With experience advising diverse industries, including consumer brands, cannabis businesses, and emerging technologies, Joey is now dedicated to helping post-revenue companies achieve rapid growth. 

In this episode…

In business, making a profit is crucial for growth and success. It allows companies to invest, expand, and achieve their goals. But many business owners don’t have the necessary data analysis and bookkeeping skills to ensure their business remains profitable. So how can business owners and entrepreneurs effectively increase their profits and thrive in today's competitive market?

Joey Spanjers, a business finance expert, believes that the key to a profitable business lies in the data. However, not everyone is passionate about spreadsheets. As such, firms that want to remain profitable need an effective bookkeeper. Despite minimal innovation in bookkeeping over time, the need for accurate financial tracking becomes crucial as a company grows, particularly in sectors like consumer goods where margins are tight. Modern bookkeeping aims to go beyond regulatory compliance, providing actionable insights akin to personal health monitoring. To drive growth and sustainability in an ever-evolving marketplace, it’s vital to embrace modern bookkeeping practices to empower your business with valuable insights.

In this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast, Mark Hiddleson sits down with Joey Spanjers, Chief Strategy Officer and Partnerships at Teicor, to talk about performance bookkeeping as a strategic business development tool. Joey discusses his experience with SaaS, choosing your business tech stack, and the benefits of effective bookkeeping.