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Tao of Pizza Podcast

Nov 28, 2022

Christine Garvin is a Functional Nutritionist based in Asheville, North Carolina. She weaves together her health journey, including a fibroid surgery that nearly killed her, with training in functional health, nutrition, and hormones to help women heal their gut and achieve hormonal balance. She holds a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University and a certification in Nutrition Education from Bauman College.

Christine has been featured in Health magazine, Shape magazine, Parade magazine, and MSN. She also hosts the Hormonally Speaking Podcast and works with clients through Zoom and group programs for gut healing and hormone health.

In this episode…

In western culture, we tend to focus more on physical health. But there is a link between physical and mental health, and it is complex. In general, a lot of our health comes down to gut health, liver health, and adrenals. So, how can we take control of our health? How can we tap our energy to live a healthier lifestyle?

To successfully improve our health, it is essential to regulate our hormones and tap into our energy and emotions. Christine Garvin, a functional health expert, works with clients to heal their bodies by focusing on gut health, the nervous system, and balancing their hormones.

In this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast, Mark Hiddleson welcomes Christine Garvin, a Functional Nutritionist, to discuss holistic principles for better health. They also discuss the role energy plays in well-being, tips for better gut health, and the adverse effects of social media on health.