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Tao of Pizza Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

Vicki Dello Joio is a life-changing workshop leader, Qigong energy master, teacher, and inspirational speaker. Since 1975, her brand of brilliance has empowered wellness-motivated and spiritually inclined seekers to infuse body-mind-spirit practices into their cells so that they can tap into their birthright of joy — using it as fuel, not a goal— for a lifetime. 

Vicki is the host of the monthly program Qi Talks and is a Hall of Fame recognized teacher of the Chinese Art of Qigong by the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors. Her spiritual fitness program and book, The Way of Joy, have transformed the lives of thousands of participants since 1976.

In this episode…

How can you draw energy to live a better and happier life? How can energy help you connect better with others?

Qigong energy master Vicki Dello Joio says that tapping into your energy is elusive but very important and transformative. It is magnetic and, when combined with Qigong, it can help you understand your body better and build more meaningful relationships with others. 

In this episode of The Tao of Pizza Podcast, Mark Hiddleson is joined by Vicki Dello Joio, a life-changing workshop leader and Qigong energy master, to talk about tapping into your energy. They also discuss the connection between Qigong, the body, and nature, the benefits of practicing energy in a community, and the art of public speaking.