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That's Helpful with Ed Stott

Oct 12, 2023

So many of us are so careful with how we talk the others, but we don’t take the same care when we’re talking to ourselves.

Science has shown that negative self-talk doesn’t make us more successful & can do damage to our mental health.

So how can we tackle our inner critic & turn it in to our friend instead of the person who’s telling us the things we’d never dream of saying to others?

Well here with the answer to that is Dr Rachel Turow, she’s a psychologist & the Author of The Self-Talk Workout. She explains why we feel so obliged to berate ourselves, even though it isn't helpful & gives us 3 simple strategies to start turning our inner critic into our inner bestie.

FYI: If you love this ep, you're going to really like this one with Ash Ambirge, Author of The Middle Finger Project on trashing imposter syndrome! Your head is going to be THE BEST place to be once I've finished with you. :)

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The Self-Talk Workout

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