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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

May 29, 2024

This episode is the first in our four-part Kubernetes 10 Years Anniversary special! The focus of this episode is on Kubernetes maintainers who have been involved with the project since its early days, and who are still active today. Featuring guests: David Eads, Davanum Srinivas (Dims), and Federico Bongiovanni.

David is a senior principal software engineer at Red Hat.  He started contributing to Kubernetes before v1 and now serves as a sig-auth tech lead and sig-apimachinery tech lead and chair.

Dims is a principal engineer at AWS, long term contributor to Kubernetes who served in multiple committees for the project. Today dims is in the Technical Oversight Committee or TOC. Welcome to the show Dims!

Federico Bongiovanni is an engineering manager at Google. He started using Kubernetes in the early days at a previous company, and became a contributor about 6 years ago when he joined Google. Today, he’s a Co-chair of SIG-APIMachinery. Welcome to the show! Would you like to tell us more about yourself?

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Links from the post-interview chat

Kubernetes Maintainers Read Mean Comments - Tim Hockin, Google & Davanum Srinivas, Amazon Web Services

“Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software” by Nadia Eghbal

Keynote: A Vision for Vision - Kubernetes in Its Second Decade - Tim Hockin

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