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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Nov 17, 2023

Guests are Marek Siarkowicz , Senior Software Engineer in Google Cloud, Tech Lead of SIG-etcd   AND Wenjia Zhang, Engineering Manager in Google Cloud, Co-Chair of SIG-etcd, Google. We spoke about the project, the recent change to become a Special Interest Group and how to learn etcd.


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News of the week

Co-host this week is Mofi Rahman [X, LinkedIn]. Cloud Developer Advocate at Google

Karpenter graduated to Beta

The Kubernetes SIG Network announced release 1.0 of the Gateway API

Ingress2gateway new CLI to migrate from Ingress to Gateway

The Call for Proposals for KubeCon EU 2024 will close on Nov 26, 2023

Links from the interview


Meaning of etcd

etcd history from CoreOs

Raft paper

On the Hunt for Etcd Data Inconsistencies by Marek Siarkowicz - [youtube]

Lessons Learned From Etcd the Data Inconsistency Issues by Marek Siarkowicz - [youtube]

The first pancake rule

etcd as a Kubernetes sig

The Case for SIG-ifying etcd

CNCF Contributor License Agreements (CLA)

Kubernetes Prow

Contributor Experience Special Interest Group

Kubernetes Watch

Go Serialization and Deserialization

Cilium with external etcd

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

etcd mentorship program

etcd @kubecon NA 2023

Links from the post-interview chat

Kubernetes considerations for large clusters

Operating etcd clusters for Kubernetes


etcd on the podcast

The Heartbleed Bug

XKCD meme about dependency