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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Apr 24, 2023

Paris Pittman is a Senior Program Manager at the Open Source Program office at Apple. A Prominent Kubernetes and CNCF member who served many roles with a focus on community and governance. Paris was on some key milestones for this show. First appearance was on Episode 1 and later on Episode 100. So we could not be happier to have Paris back in Episode 200. We discussed how Paris got started with community work and how the experience has been. Paris shared with us some words of wisdom on the power of working with others and the importance of moving on.


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News of the week

KCD Amsterdam Retro

AWS announced Data on EKS

Kubecon EU 2023 “Security Village”

Podman desktop released version 0.14

Keycloak joined CNCF as an incubating project

Kubernetes v1.27 code name Chill Vibes was released

The CNCF “Cloud Native Explorers” - Amsterdam Edition

CNCF white paper on Platforms for Cloud Native Computing

GKE Autopilot is now the default mode of operations for new clusters


Links from the interview

Paris Pittman:

OSCON 2016

Sarah Novotny

Kaslin is a new chair of SIG contribX