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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Feb 14, 2023

Benjamin Elder is a Senior Software Engineer at Google, a Kubernetes SIG Testing Chair & Tech Lead, and a Kubernetes Steering Committee member. In this episode we got to chat with Benjamin about the new kubernetes registry migration from to We also had an opportunity to discuss the community, the various SIG's (Special Interest Groups) Benjamin is involved with the amount of work needed to drive the project forward.


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Chatter of the week

Google Developer Experts program.


OpenAI Case Study.

Kubernetes Jobs API.

Job Tracking, to Support Massively Parallel Batch Workloads, Is GA in kubernetes 1.26.

Stateful apps on Kubernetes.

Kelsey Hightower's take on Databases on Kubernetes twitter space.

Kubernetes Resources Model

News of the week

Linkerd published a 2022 recap

The CNCF Cloud Native Maturity Model

The CNCF Cloud Native Maturity Model website

Using Amazon EKS with Google Workspace identities

CNCF Ambassador 2.0 program

Cloud Native Security Con NA 2023 (website - recordings)

The CNCF important updates for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023 and co-located events

Kubernetes 1.26 news:


Links from the interview

Benjamin Elder

Kubernetes Steering Committee

Kubernetes SIG Testing

Kubernetes IN Docker (KIND)

Benjamin on the podcast episode 96

Paris Pittman

Kubernetes registry move from to

  • Archeio is the tool used to redirect to GCR or S3 depending on the client.

  • The design of how requests are handled.

  • Doc detailing the background of this migration.

Kubernetes SIG Contributor Experience

Kubernetes Slack channel