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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Jul 26, 2023

“The State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization,” is a recent report based on research into best practices for running Kubernetes clusters. If you’re running your workloads as efficiently as possible, your costs will be optimal too. The report reviews the data and offers recommendations on tools and techniques you can use to optimize your Kubernetes clusters. We talk with two of the report’s creators, Fernando Rubbo and Kent Hua, to learn more.


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News of the week

- CNCF Istio Graduation blog

- Istio’s blog about CNCF Graduation

- CNCF Blog on Flux v2 GA release

- Redhat Blog on Kubevirt 1.0

- Pulumi blog on v4.0 of their Kubernetes Provider

- VMware Wasm Labs blog on serverless with wasm

- CNCF announcement of over 30 new members 

- VMware docs on self-hosted Tanzu

Links from the interview

- The State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization report

- “Sharing the inaugural State of Kubernetes Cost Optimization report” blog

- Resource Management for Pods and Containers (Kubernetes Documentation)

Links from the post-interview chat

- Google Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) books

- Google Cloud Managed Service for Prometheus