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Kubernetes Podcast from Google

Feb 20, 2024

Lucas Käldström is a CNCF Ambassador, Kubernetes contributor and expert. Lucas Co-led SIG cluster lifecycle, ported Kubernetes to ARM and shepherded kubeadm from inception to GA. Today Lucas runs three meetup groups in Finland, studies at Aalto University, and, when time allows, contributes to cloud native software as a contractor.

We chatted about Kubernetes API machinery, Chaos, Entropy, and Dishwashers.

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News of the week

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Strimzi joins the CNCF Incubator

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Links from the interview

Lucas Käldström

Kubernetes as a dishwasher

Understanding Kubernetes Through Real-World Phenomena and Analogies - Lucas Käldström

Lucas research thesis

Paper - Large-scale cluster management at Google with Borg

API Machinery

Dr. Stefan Schimanski

KCP - Kubernetes-Like Control Plane

Kubernetes API Conventions

SIG Architecture

Ingress2gateway - Ingress to Gateway Migrator

Promise Theory: Principles and Applications (Mark Burgess, Jan Bergstra)

In Search of Certainty: The Science of Our Information Infrastructure (Mark Burgess)

Sweden Finns

Links from the post-interview chat

Keynote: Reperforming a Nobel Prize Discovery on Kubernetes - Ricardo Rocha & Lukas Heinrich

Why Service Is the Worst API in Kubernetes, & What We’re Doing About It - Tim Hockin

Gateway API TCP Routes

Community-Powered Kubernetes LTS: Ensuring Stability and Compatibility While Driving Innovation Jeremy Rickard