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No Mercy Business Podcast with Emily A Woodruff

Jan 31, 2023

You have your business (which you are totally *crushing* by the way). You are getting some consistent income coming in. You are even paying yourself– it is your business, after all. 


But what the heck are you supposed to do once you have a strong financial foundation? Maybe you haven’t even had time to think about that, or it gets so overwhelming to think about it that you just put off the “f-word.” (Finances… what were you thinking?)


In today’s episode, Emily is speaking with accomplished financial consultant, mentor, and educator– Eunicia Peret. Taxes, leveraging your wealth, having your money work for you, financial empowerment; these are all topics that are discussed in the episode. The goal is to get you in a place where you are able to make empowered and educated decisions about the money you have worked so hard to get!


Are you resonating with anything you’ve heard so far? Tune in for the full episode!

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