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No Mercy Business Podcast with Emily A Woodruff

Dec 12, 2022

Episode 27 Title & Episode Description


Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!


If you are picturing Ross from Friends, then we can be friends. This word has almost become a cliché in business, but cliché or not, something that will always be true in owning your own business is knowing when to pivot and how to do so successfully.


Emily, what do you mean, “pivot in business?” Thanks for asking!

You remember the little pandemic that halted everyone in their tracks in 2020? Yeah, in this episode I walk you through the changes that my business has gone through the years. A prime example of pivoting, or shifting focus in business, was when the pandemic hit. Was it fun? No. Does it have to be painful? Also, no.

I’ve learned many lessons throughout my time as a female entrepreneur, but one thing that I have learned as my business has shifted, is that each shift is different– *but* no matter the difference, each shift was made easier with effective branding. As people, we do not just stay the same. We evolve, we grow, we change. Because businesses are run by these ever-changing people, it stands to reason that businesses might evolve as well. Join me as I talk about the importance of establishing your brand and knowing when to rebrand, especially when it comes to a timely PIVOT!