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No Mercy Business Podcast with Emily A Woodruff

Jun 28, 2022

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It’s totally normal to feel anxious or nervous before you jump on a Discovery call, but it doesn’t have to be your normal! In this virtual day and age we are living in, it has become commonplace to be a part of a discovery call more frequently than ever before. Once you are camera ready, here’s my top 3 tips on how to exude confidence during your discovery call and help you land your next client!

The most important tip to start with is this: Be confident.  
Easier said than done though, right?  

While I wish I could speak light into your life and pump you up before every call you make, here are some things that YOU can do to make sure you are prepared to take on the call and portray confidence & professionalism:  

1- Use Google Docs

Google Docs is a great, FREE resource available to anyone with a Gmail account.
-Take notes throughout the call and make special note of these questions: What did you learn about the company or client through your call? What are some recommendations for the company that you can make after reviewing their proposal or portfolio?
-Keep record of their website, social media links and any specific job details they may have mentioned

2- Prepare Questions Ahead of Time

-Ask how they prefer to communicate- this can be a HUGE gain on your end if you start communication with them in THEIR favorite method
-What goals they have by bringing you + your company onto their team
-Who your direct contact will be for the project

3- Positivity

-Remember: It’s just two people (or three?) talking to each other. No pressure here.
-If it doesn’t end in a signed contract, reference the call as a learning experience and evaluate how you can present your business better on the next one. Then shake it off and move on to the next one.

That’s it! These are my top 3 tips for your next Discovery call! Land your new, potential client, review these steps to be as prepared as possible, smile, and dig in. Your confidence will grow with every call and soon, you’ll be teaching others how to handle Discovery Calls with THEIR clients.  

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