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Pastor to Pioneer

Feb 15, 2023

Hello again, all! This week on Pastor to Pioneer, Britton hears from Megan and Zach Duke, who share some of their story of going from super extra—the largest Southern Baptist church in the world—to extra small—stepping into the simple church movement.  After several years in the megachurch universe, they returned to Zach’s hometown in Indiana, intent on trimming back and simplifying things.  Megan and Zach open up about some of the mistakes they made and things they learned as initially, many of the groups they started quickly died just as fast.  The Dukes talk about learning to focus on being with people, on helping them walk through life and grow into healthy and mature disciples, and letting those disciples go with that example in order to then do the same—to multiply.  Finally, Megan and Zach discuss the amazing Kingdom expansion they have seen as a decentralized network of simple churches has sprung up in the Indianapolis area and catalyzed similar growth around the world.



Book recommendation from Zach - Primal Fire by Neil Cole