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The One Away Show

Aug 25, 2022

Brandon Lee is the Founder and CEO of FunnelAmplified, a platform that provides businesses the tools to conduct outreach outside of social media. When Brandon had a sales job in college, he realized he had a natural inclination towards sales operations, but didn’t like the way technology could often take humanity out of the sales process. While he loves the way technology and automation can help make humans more efficient, Brandon found that many companies relied too much on automation in search of an “easy button,” a phenomenon that has actually hurt their prospect engagements. FunnelAmplified is designed to put humanity back into the buyer journey.


Throughout Brandon’s career, he has been a founder, go-to-market strategist, sales operations leader, sales enablement lead, sales trainer, and the sales and marketing technician. He sees himself as a digital sales efficianado who helps teams create go-to-market, prospecting, and revenue generation systems while training the team and coaching them on turning their sales activity into a productive, client-serving and revenue-generating machine.


Brandon is a man of family and faith. When he is not working, you’ll likely find him spending time with his wife of 23 years, Meghan, and their 5 children. 


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