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The One Away Show

Jun 22, 2020

John Eades is the CEO of Learn Loft, a leadership development company that turns professionals into leaders and creates healthier places to work. He is also the author of Building the Best, and host of Follow My Lead podcast. In this episode, John Eades discusses his One Away moment being when he and his partner, Christina Widler, left their corporate jobs to start a new business. He talks about his relationship with Christina and how fortunate he is that she made the decision to leap into entrepreneurship with him. John highlights the importance of taking risks to accomplish great things, and not for the intent of monetary profits. He also mentions his book, in which further he shares his ideas and hopes to inspire others to become a successful entrepreneur. You can read more about this episode here: Follow Bryan Wish on Linkedin: Follow Bryan Wish on Twitter: Follow Bryan Wish on Instagram: Join our Mission: Join our Community: