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The One Away Show

Jun 29, 2020

Jim is an active technology startup operator and investor. He is currently the Co-Founder and CTO of SaaSWorks, a company focused on helping Subscription and SaaS businesses scale their revenue operations. Jim is an active advisor and board member to numerous early-stage, venture, and private-equity backed software and technology companies. Jim has held CTO and CIO positions in multiple high-growth companies including HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS) which have had successful exits or become part of larger platforms. Jim was named the 2015 Boston CIO of the Year, was a member of the Massachusetts Governor's Council for Innovation under Governor Deval Patrick, and is an active member of the Dean’s Council of Strategic Advisors at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In this episode, Jim recalls his One Away Moment at saying yes to a job at a small startup and learning from his boss who changed his perspective on success. You can read more about this episode here: Follow Bryan Wish on Linkedin: Follow Bryan Wish on Twitter: Follow Bryan Wish on Instagram: Join our Mission: Join our Community: