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The One Away Show

Nov 16, 2020

Mike Porath believes in the power of stories, the strength of communities, and the beauty of the human spirit. He learned the craft of storytelling as an award-winning journalist and executive at ABC News, NBC News, the New York Times, and AOL. Traveling through nearly 50 countries brought him so much joy, but then he found himself on a more meaningful adventure when his younger daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease: Dup 15q syndrome. That has helped him and his wife connect with other people, that is where they learned what community was all about. They created The Mighty to help people find each other and share their experiences around their own health challenges. They began with 3 stories a day, and 5 years later they have over 3 million members. Their stories have been viewed over a billion times and through research with Harvard University and others, they have shown that they are having a real impact, and they are improving people’s health outcomes while getting so much insight on how people experience more than over a thousand health conditions. To help their efforts, they have raised more than 20 million from great investors who believe in the mission of The Mighty. Follow Bryan Wish on Linkedin: Follow Bryan Wish on Twitter: Follow Bryan Wish on Instagram: Join our Mission: Join our Community: