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The One Away Show

Feb 24, 2022

I remember when I met Martin, we had such a profound conversation that covered so much ground. Martin has a really incredible story to tell. It was shocking how his decision to leave the legal field weighed on Martin until the point that he had to just cut the cord. Martin left his job without a plan, but he knew deep down that he had to do it because the signs were starting to manifest through the ways that he showed up in the world. I was inspired by Martin’s willingness to help others who have been in a similar situation (feeling trapped in their job and needing a change), but also his care to advise them instead of telling them what they “need” to do. Martin recognizes that his path worked for him, but might not work for everybody. It was fascinating to learn how Martin’s parents were both Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Canada from Poland. Not only did this experience shape the way his parents raised him and their family environment, it also instilled in Martin the sense that he needed to be successful and make his family proud. Martin has such resilience and such a drive, and it’s been amazing to see him shine. Read the show notes here: