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The One Away Show

Feb 25, 2022

I first heard about Tiziana through a social media post about her book. I went out and read the book, and was so inspired by it that I decided to reach out to her. There are a few key takeaways I learned from and about Tiziana. The first is that independence is something you can learn. Tiziana may have had feelings of independence from a young age, but her journey required the same obstacles. The concept of power is one of the most important dynamics of the human experience, whether it shows up with positive or negative impacts. Tiziana’s teachings and studies do not shy away from human nature, but rather embrace it to help others. Tiziana is always thinking creatively, there isn’t a problem she’s afraid to try and solve. It was so special getting to talk with Tiziana today, and I hope you gain some insight from listening to her. Read the show notes here: