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The One Away Show

Jan 23, 2021

What impresses me the most about Sam Vaghar is that he was so young and he saw such a better world in front of him. He was 20 years old when he thought that young leaders of our time could go out and do more. So Sam brought together people of influence and young student leaders of influence and got to work on what he could go out and do to make a difference. What Sam has found is that to make a difference you need to be able to convene people, connect to people, share ideas and then rally people around ideas to get them to spread. One of my takeaways from my recording with Sam was just how humble he was. I think Sam is going to be someone to watch and follow for the next decade or two decades and really see the impact that he makes across communities, across the world, across borders about the mission that he cares so deeply about. Sam Vaghar: Follow Bryan Wish on Linkedin: Follow Bryan Wish on Twitter: Follow Bryan Wish on Instagram: Join our Mission: Join our Community: