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The One Away Show

Jan 29, 2021

It was one of those episodes that I walked away from feeling very heavy and so grateful for everything I have been given in my life. And when you hear a story like Luke’s, and where he's come from and how he's succeeded, it's just really special and it gives hope for people who are going through hard times. Who don't always have the ball bounce their way, to realize that they can truly overcome an obstacle that's in front of them. They can push past and they can find the silver lining and they can take the high road. I think Luke is a true epitome of somebody who does that in all circumstances. It's not easy, but it's a choice. Luke's made that choice time in and time out when things got hard. He is doing some incredible work helping kind of evening the playing field and removing unconscious bias and helping black entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to go and build their dreams like he has. It's just so special to know him, work with him, and just stand alongside him shoulder to shoulder to help him push his dreams to the forefront. Follow Bryan Wish on Linkedin: Follow Bryan Wish on Twitter: Follow Bryan Wish on Instagram: Join our Mission: Join our Community: