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The One Away Show

Jan 31, 2022

As soon as Liane and I got talking, I noticed this instant warmth about her that made our conversation so easy. Most of all, I really appreciate her story. It’s a testament to her work and the path that it’s led her down. Learning from her experiences with a dysfunctional team led to a lot of growth and eventually her going off to do what she does today as a public speaker. One of the things I found super interesting was how she views conflict from the perspective of human evolution. It was an unexpected topic of discussion, but it highlights how Liane takes a holistic approach to conflict resolution. Conflict is hard to deal with, and we often don’t know how to do. Liane doesn’t like conflict but demonstrates that we need to learn how to address it to function. Liane is a class act and so easy to follow, and I really enjoyed our conversation today. Read the show notes here: