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Modern Life-Keeping is a podcast designed for adults who are ready to heal their thinking and live their dreams.  From adulting to parenting, inquisitive seekers will be guided with clear and practical inspiration, knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks to live a high-quality reality. Throughout the show Lori Cristine, your host, will use her education, experience, and intuition to show you how you can heal yourself. With Lori Cristine by your side, you will ask questions, seek answers, process information, and learn to apply the life lessons learned on this show to co-create expansive, thriving, and extraordinary lives in today’s world.

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Content warning:

This podcast contains dialogue that includes mentions of the death of a teenage daughter. While this show is designed and written to help heal and hold space for all that have been affected by loss, some listeners may be troubled by the subject matter. Please see show description for full disclaimer.

Sep 26, 2022

The internet, along with social media, has changed our world. It has changed the way we parent. 

 It may not be enriching our lives as much as we may think it is. 

All that glitters is not gold.”


I invite you to become more aware of the information that you, as well as your children, are being exposed to through...

Sep 19, 2022

Is it our responsibility to tell others about themselves?  Should they even care what we think?

What kind of pressure is this adding to the lives of our youth?


Our culture has a false and limiting belief that the behavior of others can be changed with blame, fear, guilt, or shame. When we refuse to use these...

Sep 12, 2022

“Parents can’t solve the problems of their teens, nor should they try. 

Do not make it about a life lesson that you have learned and want to share with them.

Do not offer them solutions.

Teens need and desire the opportunity to learn from their own mistakes and to solve their own problems. It is a natural rite of...

Sep 5, 2022

“Finding ourselves in a sea of illusions and false, as well as limiting, beliefs can take a lifetime of inquiry.

The inquiry begins with learning to recognize the thoughts we think, the beliefs we embrace, and the values we live by. 


Aligning with our highest self, with who we truly are, is not for the faint of...