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Modern Life-Keeping is a podcast designed for adults who are ready to heal their thinking and live their dreams.  From adulting to parenting, inquisitive seekers will be guided with clear and practical inspiration, knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks to live a high-quality reality. Throughout the show Lori Cristine, your host, will use her education, experience, and intuition to show you how you can heal yourself. With Lori Cristine by your side, you will ask questions, seek answers, process information, and learn to apply the life lessons learned on this show to co-create expansive, thriving, and extraordinary lives in today’s world.

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Content warning:

This podcast contains dialogue that includes mentions of the death of a teenage daughter. While this show is designed and written to help heal and hold space for all that have been affected by loss, some listeners may be troubled by the subject matter. Please see show description for full disclaimer.

Mar 27, 2023

Are emotions are indicator lights on our dashboard of life. Ignore them at your own risk!  This episode gives you four beliefs that will expand instead of sabotage you.

Mar 13, 2023

Worry is communicating to us, but what is it saying? This week we will look at 4 things worry wants you to know to live your best life!

Mar 6, 2023

Self awareness is a tool on your journey of self actualization. It is our most fundamental tool when it comes to learning to be happy.  

Feb 26, 2023

When we don't monitor our thinking our ego plays mind games with us. These games are meant to protect our sense of identity but instead they erode our sense of reality.  

Feb 20, 2023

How to be confident - this episode is about aligning with the confidence that is already within us.