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Hosted by Jeffrey Bellomo, Esq., CELA, LLM, and over 20 years of experience practicing in estate planning.  We’ll discuss all things Estate Planning and Law.  Our mission is to help educate so that what happened to the Bellomo family doesn’t happen to you. We hope to answer your most burning questions and support you with a solution to estate planning that works for you and your loved ones.

Apr 18, 2024

Jeff’s guest is Julie Cassaday, a certified life coach and Level II Reiki Healer, whose unique approach to personal development and empowerment has transformed lives. Julie helps individuals reveal the best of themselves by untangling the obstacles to their goals. In addition to private coaching and Reiki, her work extends to communication and organizational training in workshops, webinars, and retreats. Her dynamic presence makes her a favorite keynote speaker with groups of all kinds and sizes. With a distinctive set of skills and a gift for connecting with others, Julie also is a passionate advocate for caregivers, an underserved group that both provides and deserves special care.

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(00:00) Episode introduction.

(02:44) Julie gives the background on Tanglewood and how it got its name. She believes her work is to help people clear away the brush to reveal the best version of themselves.

(04:54) She studied mass communications and organizational and broadcast communications in college. Here studies revealed a love of connecting with people.

(06:01) Julie jumped at the chance to give up a 30-year career in sales so that she could pursue work as a life coach.

(07:11) Having two parents with dementia led Julie to the Alzheimer’s Association and, eventually, a Reiki certification.

(10:34) As a communications trainer, Julie speaks at employee development classes, conferences, etc. She offers a selection of popular sessions or custom-designed programs.

(13:03) Life coaching is meeting someone where they are today, assessing their goals, and reminding them of who they are at their core. 

(16:07) Having served as a caregiver for her parents while parenting her own children, Julie understands the demands. This drives her to advocate for caregivers of all types.

(22:28) Julie is seeing an increase in dementia in people under 65, which is especially devastating emotionally and financially.



Jeffrey R. Bellomo, the founder of Bellomo & Associates, is a licensed and certified elder law attorney with a master’s degree in taxation and a certificate in estate planning. He explains complex legal and financial topics in easy-to-understand language.

Bellomo & Associates is committed to providing education so that what happened to the Bellomo family doesn’t happen to your family. We conduct free workshops on estate planning, crisis planning, Medicaid planning, special needs planning, probate administration, and trust administration. Visit our website ( to learn more.



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