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Hosted by Jeffrey Bellomo, Esq., CELA, LLM, and over 20 years of experience practicing in estate planning.  We’ll discuss all things Estate Planning and Law.  Our mission is to help educate so that what happened to the Bellomo family doesn’t happen to you. We hope to answer your most burning questions and support you with a solution to estate planning that works for you and your loved ones.

Dec 28, 2023

Jeffrey Bellomo is joined by Meg Motter, Life Care Planning Coordinator at Bellomo & Associates. As an experienced, licensed social worker, Meg provides personalized support for elderly individuals dealing with various challenges related to aging, health, and living arrangements.

Meg and Jeff share stories of commitment, personal connections, and the critical role of advocacy in health care. It’s an eye-opening look at just one aspect of service that differentiates this law firm.


What You Need to Know 

(02:42) At 16, Meg decided to pursue social work when she cared for an elderly relative. She graduated Western Maryland College and earned her graduate degree from the University of Kansas.

(04:13) A life care planning coordinator’s duties vary depending on the needs of the individual and family. Some clients are healthy and well; they live at home and want to stay there so Meg acts as a support or advocate when needed. Sometimes, though, an elderly person’s situation is not good. Meg can intervene to determine the services that are needed and assess whether the home is safe.

(07:21) A health care advocate is a valuable ally. It’s important to have someone who can track, follow up, and understand medical decisions and activity. 

(09:58) Jeff hired Meg because he needed someone who could answer questions such as:  How can we make Mom’s home safer? Does she need memory care? Does she need skilled care? How should we be advocating for her?

(18:39) Meg’s willingness to help and advocate for those in need has even extended to non-clients, such as the woman she encountered who was not feeling emotionally safe at home. Meg, her daughter Jennah (Bellomo’s chief operating officer), and Jeff all got involved in moving the woman into assisted living. Today, the woman is flourishing, and Meg continues to be involved.

(23:34) In a previous episode, Jeff discussed how individuals can use advocates as power of attorney when they don’t have family or a support system in place. Meg does not act as power of attorney for her clients.


About Bellomo & Associates

Jeffrey R. Bellomo, the founder of Bellomo & Associates, is a licensed and certified elder law attorney with a master’s degree in taxation and a certificate in estate planning. He explains complex legal and financial topics in easy-to-understand language.

Bellomo & Associates is committed to providing education so that what happened to the Bellomo family doesn’t happen to your family. We conduct free workshops on estate planning, crisis planning, Medicaid planning, special needs planning, probate administration, and trust administration. Visit our website to learn more.

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