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Accounting for the Future

Host Armand Capisciolto, BDO Canada's National Accounting Standards Partner, is taking his everyday strategic conversations to the studio. In each episode, he'll talk to experts in the accounting field such as Anne-Marie Hensen, Christopher Tower, and Andrew Buchanan, and more to discuss the challenges mid-market financial leaders face.

Feb 2, 2023

Financial statements are more than just a compliance document, they’re also a communication tool.  But what message are you communicating with hard to understand, vague, or overly complicated financial statements? 

Host, Armand Capisciolto, is joined by Anthony Scilipoti, Founder, President and CEO of Veritas Investment Research and board member of the Capital Markets Advisory Committee of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).

Together they discuss the value of preparing financial statements that tell the company’s story clearly so that investors can make informed decisions and help move a company forward.


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

[1:15] The value of clearly audited financial statements to investors.

[3:50] Anthony’s advice for crafting easy to understand financial reports.

[8:45] The downside of non-GAAP metrics in financial reporting.

[12:53] A comparison and reasoning of non-GAAP in the US versus Canada.

[14:04] Potential underlying causes of failure to supply needed numbers for data aggregation.

[17:57] Potential disclosure improvements resulting from new regulations.

[21:10] Do various non-cash expenses factor into non-GAAP measures?

[26:40] The value of ‘information overload’ in preparing financial reports.

[28:51] How US disclosure standards benefit companies seeking capital.

[30:18] Anthony’s recommendations for preparers of financial information.



Armand Capisciolto
Anthony Scilipoti


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