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First Five

Jun 17, 2022

As many of us take a day to recognise the fathers in our worlds, we investigate what employers can do for fathers that will help families, and the economy, thrive.

With 50% of working women in Plymouth in part time employment, compared to only 10% of men, and with the gender pay gap remaining persistently high, we need to explore what can be done to tackle this, and the part employers may have to play.

In her new book, Caregiving Fathers in the Workplace - Organisational Experiences and the Fatherhood Forfeit, Dr Jasmine Kelland talks about the explicit bias that exists in recruitment and employment practice. A bias which stops fathers accessing part time and flexible working opportunities, regards them as secondary parents, and manifests as suspicion and ridicule if they choose to prioritise family over work.

She makes practical recommendations that businesses can adopt to start to change this picture. She also consults as an HR specialist to work with businesses who want to get started.