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Wellness For The Rest Of US

May 23, 2023

There continues to be debate about the use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in peri-menopause and menopause.  In this episode of our Wellness for the Rest of Us podcast we speak with an expert and an advocate for HRT, Dr Daved Rosensweet.  We discuss the topic of HRT for women in perimenopause and beyond, including covering the chequered path of HRT. 

We also speak about "andropause," a lesser talked about, but equally important topic for males, who also experience decreases in hormones, particularly testosterone, which affects their healthy aging. 

Finally, we discuss the fine line between doing things "naturally" and using pharmaceutical and modern medical tools available to us for our overall health.

Dr. Rosensweet is a world leader in female hormone therapy and continues to move the industry forward with his patented customised bio-identical hormone treatment approach. He is a published author of the book Happy Healthy Hormones: How to Thrive in Menopause as well as national lecturer and the founder of The Menopause Method and iWonderDoctor.

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