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Wellness For The Rest Of US

Jun 21, 2023

In Episode 19 of Wellness for the Rest of Us, we speak with medical cannabis company CEO Carmen Doran about medical cannabis versus home grown cannabis for health and some of the reasons you might speak to your doctor as to whether medical cannabis is right for you.
Carmen is the CEO of Heliux Therapeutics, New Zealand's only fully certified medical cannabis flower producer.
Carmen has a background in Biomedical Engineering, a career in Pharmaceutical Operations, a Lean-Six-Sigma Black Belt and a number of real-life experiences all contribute to Carmen's hunger for pursuing excellence in areas impactful to the world around us.
Helius Therapeutics is a New Zealand based medical cannabis company with a purpose to unleash the potential of medicinal cannabis to improve quality of life for millions of people around the world. Helius is based in Auckland with a 8,800sqm EU-GMP and GACP certified facility and a strong focus on developing novel therapeutics that are safe and efficacious.
You can check them out at:
@Helius Therapeutics