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Wellness For The Rest Of US

Sep 4, 2023

Sulaima Abdin (MS, RD), who also goes by Su, is not your typical dietitian. With over seven years of professional experience, Su has developed a versatile skill set across various domains of dietetics. Her expertise spans short and long-term care, acute care, food service, consulting, and exposure to behavioral health. Su infuses her professional practice with a unique blend of relatability, creativity, and a touch of humor. She counsels clients on their eating habits in order to optimize their diets and overall health.

Su is known for arming her clients with the tools necessary to navigate the world of food so that healthy living is not only accessible, but enjoyable. She also offers consulting services for health care settings. 

Growing up in a small town on the border of Mexico to Middle Eastern immigrant parents, Su developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultural influences.

With a genuine love of all things food related, Su firmly believes in the transformative power of nutrition. Her passion lies in exploring the intricate connections between food and holistic health, drawing inspiration from traditional and old-world practices.

Connect with Su at [ ] to embark on your journey towards improved health and well-being through the power of nutrition.