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Gigging Out

Jul 27, 2022

Today's guest is Willie Ford, Founder and CEO at Givego, a mobile coaching platform. We discuss building growth-focused partnership channels, developing pricing strategies, driving growth through word-of-mouth, and more.

Jul 13, 2022

We speak with Mike Cremeno, Chief Revenue Officer at Ski Butlers, an on-demand ski rental service. Mike explains how to develop a marketing strategy that drives revenue, the importance of company culture, building a brand that stands for something, and much more.

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Jul 6, 2022

We chat with Adam Alpert, Co-founder of Pangea, the largest freelance marketplace for college students. He discusses when he realized Pangea needed to pivot, how to keep users engaged on marketplace platforms, and what it means to be a "stoic entrepreneur." 

Learn more about Pangea: