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Hi - We're Monica and Oscar (and Producer, Patty). Welcome to our podcast ! 

Monica is a relationship therapist, an entrepreneur and football and basketball Mom.  Oscar is a former operator/contractor, former police detective, former US Marine, former bartender and now a consultant and a football Dad. Each week they talk about every day triumphs and every day tragedies. They celebrate the human spirit in facing and overcoming life’s challenges and tribulations.  Join them for their weekly tequila toast and review.  Be part of the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and at

Aug 17, 2023

John Mollura went from being a literal rocket scientist to a multi-award-winning portrait photographer and coach.
He educates and empowers his keynote audiences to turn down the volume of Imposter Syndrome and provides coaching for men to help them stop the endless cycle of “what ifs” and become men of authentic action.
His unique career path provided life experiences that most only dream of. John spent decades leading a variety of teams; some that landed missions on Mars and others that protected the pilots of the most advanced fighter jet in the world, the F35. 
He now provides world-class portraits and photographs that have been featured by National Geographic, multiple Fortune 500 Companies, and some of the biggest names in music.