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Clipped: Your Podcast Toolkit For Podcast Resources, Growth, and Monetization

Dec 21, 2022

In this episode, I’m covering how to get the best home recording by creating a makeshift studio in your home. I realize not everyone has the money or space to build out a professional podcast studio, so we’re going to work with what you got! Surprisingly, there are a ton of places in your home where you can get really good sound, and they won’t cost you anything.  

My goal is to motivate you to create content and not worry about all the details, such as thinking you need a professional studio or vocal booth. These worries tend to hold people back from ever starting. Believe me, I’ve been producing podcasts for 7 years and JUST started this podcast a few months ago. 

I’d love for you to try some of the tips in this episode. I hope they help you find a recording solution that sounds best for YOU. Oh, and make sure you’re using a dynamic microphone. Your recording will sound like caca regardless of where you record if you’re using a condenser microphone.  

 Episode Tips: 

  • Be aware of the time of day you’re recording and notice how much outside noise the mic is picking up 
  • Try recording in your closet, closets sound great! 
  • Record in your car, cars are quiet and have little to no reverb 
  • Early mornings or late nights are the quietest 
  • Avoid recording in rooms with hardwood floors 
  • Rooms with rugs and furniture absorb a lot of slapback and reverb 
  • If you travel a lot, build a pillow fort. It’ll act as a vocal booth 
  • Learn about your microphone, for podcasting you’re going to want to get really close to the mic capsule when you record. 
  • Wear headphones! You need to be able to hear what the microphone is hearing 
  • Only use dynamic mics 
  • Gik Acoustics has really cheap foam and acoustic panels 

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