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Apartment Investor's Club Podcast

Nov 15, 2023

📌If you're feeling frustrated with high tenant turnover rates and declining profitability, despite your efforts to attract and retain tenants, then you are not alone! Maybe you've been focusing on amenities and pricing, but overlooking the importance of effective design in your multifamily properties.

Instead of the desired result of increased tenant satisfaction and higher profitability, you may be experiencing constant vacancies and stagnant rental income. It's time to recognize the significance of design in multifamily investing and take the necessary steps to enhance your property's appeal and profitability.

In this episode:
👉Increasing tenant satisfaction and attract high-quality renters by leveraging the importance of design in multifamily investing.
👉Enhancing your online presence and attract potential renters with visually appealing websites that showcase the unique features of your multifamily properties.
👉Improving tenant retention and boost profitability by maintaining well-designed and well-maintained physical spaces that create a positive living environment.
👉Proactively addressing small issues to prevent bigger problems, ensuring tenant satisfaction and reducing maintenance costs.
👉Understanding the impact of design on tenant satisfaction to make informed decisions that maximise profitability and create a desirable living experience for your residents.

📑More about Lisa Landry

Lisa Landry is a seasoned expert in the world of interior design and multifamily investing. With over 25 years of experience, she founded Landry Designs, an interior design firm that specializes in enhancing the value and profitability of multifamily properties.

Lisa's passion for design led her to start another venture, Above and Beyond Multifamily, where she not only invests in multifamily properties but also serves as a GP and asset manager.

Her unique skill set allows her to leverage her design expertise to add value and increase the NOI of multifamily properties. Lisa's dedication to creating efficient systems and detailed job descriptions has enabled her to successfully manage both companies while empowering her teams to thrive.

Her focus on enhancing tenant satisfaction and profitability through effective design makes her a valuable resource for investors and property owners alike.

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Landry Designs

🖋️ Some key points:

(01:32) - Managing two companies
(04:36) - Implementing systems in the business
(08:05) - Team dynamics and motivation
(09:41) - Metrics and measurement
(13:34) - Factors that Drive Occupancy and Rents
(14:31) - The Significance of the Leasing Office
(15:47) - Attention to Detail and Resident Experience
(19:19) - Maintenance and Tenant Pride
(25:50) - Importance of Attention to Detail
(27:03) - Design and Profitability
(28:08) - Neglecting Design in Multifamily
(29:14) - Importance of Leasing Office Design
(30:52) - One Key Investment for ROI

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