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Apartment Investor's Club Podcast

Mar 6, 2024

📌This week’s podcast episode features Anthony Walker, co-owner and Chief Investment Officer of Cornerstone. Initially selling popcorn door-to-door as a kid, Anthony evolved into a successful multifamily investor overseeing a portfolio worth approximately $170 million.

He shares his journey and valuable insights into investing in multifamily properties. He highlights the importance of person-to-person interactions, the power of branding, and the idols who influenced his business philosophy.

Anthony goes on to discuss how they utilise social media and email marketing to reach interested investors, as well as how Cornerstone prioritises building a sense of pride in the workplace and within the communities they manage.

The episode concludes with Anthony’s advice to those smaller-scale real estate and start-up entrepreneurs to avoid over-planning and take action, learning through activities and expansion of operations, which according to him, is the most effective form of learning.

🖋️ Some key points:

(01:01) Understanding Cornerstone: Anthony's Multifamily Private Equity Firm
(02:30) The Importance of Business Partnerships in Real Estate
(03:28) Anthony's Role and Responsibilities in Cornerstone
(03:54) The Art of Raising Capital: Anthony's Approach
(05:49) Building Trust and Relationships with Investors
(06:23) The Power of Personal Connections in Attracting Investors
(12:46) The Importance of Follow-ups and Keeping Relationships Warm
(15:47) Investing in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: A Unique Market
(16:46) Investing in Emerging Markets: The Strategy
(17:38) Why Invest in High-Growth, High-Quality Life Markets
(19:08) Scaling Business in Limited Market Opportunities
(19:46) Addressing Labor Challenges in Small Communities
(23:06) Making Communities Attractive for Residents
(24:45) The Journey from Popcorn Salesman to Multifamily Investor
(32:15) The Power of Focusing on One Thing: Advice for Beginners
(33:35) Connecting with Anthony: The Next Steps

📑More about Anthony
Anthony’s expertise lies in the multifamily property management, acquisition, and financing domains, and he is responsible for the successful implementation of Cornerstone’s investment strategy in this market sector. He has extensive experience in financial analysis, asset management, underwriting, and transactional risk management. In addition to his client-facing investment responsibilities, Anthony also oversees the firm’s brand management, continuously pushing the company to be an industry leader. 

Anthony graduated in the  top of his class from the University of Idaho’s J.A. Albertson School of Business where he earned degrees in Marketing and Finance. Before becoming CIO at Cornerstone, Anthony had a successful career as a Top Producing sales broker at Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty, consistently ranking in the top 3% of agents worldwide. 

Outside of work, Anthony’s passions include serving God, traveling, wake surfing, skiing, CrossFit, education, long walks, spending time with friends.

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