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Apartment Investor's Club Podcast

Feb 28, 2024

📌In this episode of the Apartment Investors Podcast, host Jonathan Twombley speaks with Levi Allen, a former potato farmer who transitioned into managing a real estate portfolio worth over a hundred million dollars in assets under management (AUM).

Levi shares his journey from investing in smaller deals on his own to syndicating larger multi-million dollar deals. He discusses the importance of developing relationships with brokers, underwriting prudently, and having confidence in your abilities. Levi also emphasises that beginning investors should start investing in properties with their own money or with close family and friends before seeking to raise capital from other investors.

The podcast underscores that there are many paths to success in real estate investing and provides valuable insights into Levi Allen's unique journey and strategies.

🖋️ Some key points: 

(00:27) Guest Introduction: Levi Allen's Journey from Potato Farming to Real Estate
(00:43) Levi's Current Real Estate Portfolio
(02:02) Why Invest in Utah? Understanding the Market
(03:00) Levi's Investment Strategy and Property Types
(04:40) The Appeal of Newer Properties and Risk Assessment
(07:43) Sourcing Deals and Building Broker Relationships
(09:02) Raising Capital: From Family and Friends to a Wider Network
(13:03) Levi's First Steps into Real Estate and Syndication
(21:07) Breaking into the Utah Market and Raising Capital
(24:30) Property Management and Building Trust with Stakeholders
(25:46) Advice for New Investors and Reflections on Levi's Journey
(28:55) Contact Information and Closing Remarks

📑More about levi Allen

LEVI ALLEN is the Principal of Wealth Creation Asset Management, a real estate investment company that acquires residential multi-family properties. Levi studied Business at BYU- Idaho in 2012-2013 and 2015-2017 after returning home from a 2-year Church mission in Peru.

He acquired his first property in 2012 and immediately developed a passion for the real estate industry.

Levi has focused full-time on rental housing. He takes pride in his ability to identify opportunities, execute on his vision for the property, maximizing profitability and ultimately, delivering above average returns for his investors.

As a principal, Levi has owned, and asset managed over 700 units worth over $100 million. He has disposed of three assets in the past 24 months and refinanced three assets.

In addition to multi-family acquisitions and development, Levi’s family, the Allen Family own over 10,000 acres of farm and ranchland in eastern Oregon.

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