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Apartment Investor's Club Podcast

Nov 1, 2023

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If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your real estate investing business because your current remote work and business management processes are not delivering the desired results, then you are not alone!

Perhaps you find yourself constantly juggling multiple tasks and struggling to stay organized, leading to missed opportunities and inefficiencies.

Or maybe you're facing challenges in effectively communicating and collaborating with your team remotely, hindering productivity and growth.

Fortunately, in this episode, we dive deep into effective strategies and proven tactics that will transform your remote work and business management processes, empowering you to achieve the success you desire in the real estate investing space.

My special guest is Derek Clifford

Derek, a real estate investor and entrepreneur who has unlocked the three degrees of freedom: time, location, and financial freedom. After successfully investing in real estate while working a W-2 job as a project manager, Derek made the bold decision to leave his corporate role behind in 2021. Since then, he has made significant strides in the real estate world, now managing an impressive portfolio of 400 units.

Derek's secret lies in his commitment to implementing systems and leveraging virtual assistants and team members to optimize his business operations. By harnessing the power of automation tools like Zapier and artificial intelligence, Derek has mastered the art of streamlining administrative tasks and maximizing productivity.

With a laser focus on providing incredible results for both himself and his investors, Derek is a true expert in the field. Get ready to learn from his wealth of knowledge and be inspired to achieve your own freedom through real estate investing.

In this episode:
👉Streamline your real estate investment processes for maximum efficiency.
👉Learn how to effectively manage a remote real estate business.
👉The importance of boots-on-the-ground partners in real estate and how to find the right ones.
👉Harness the power of automation and technology tools to simplify and scale your real estate business.
👉Master the art of building strong and lasting relationships in the real estate industry.

📑More about Derek Clifford

Derek Clifford is a successful multifamily real estate investor, fund manager, author, and podcaster. He retired himself from his full-time corporate job back in September of 2021.
Today he controls 450+ apartment units with over $60M AUM (Assets Under Management). His podcast, the "3 Degrees of Freedom" show focuses on helping corporate employees and self-employed entrepreneurs create three degrees of freedom: location, time, and financial, one at a time.

As the founder and CEO of Elevate Equity, Derek and his wife Sophie, partners with individuals and companies to purchase, improve, and operate cash-flowing multifamily apartment real estate in the Midwest and South. Derek published his first book "Part-Time Real Estate Investing for Full-Time Professionals," in 2020, which has helped several people get started on the path of growing their passive income on the side while working a full-time corporate job.

He also assists others in refining their internal processes, shrinking their workdays down from 8 hours to 3 or 4 by focusing on efficient email, integrations, and project management software practices. He and his wife Sophie are now traveling the world while running their businesses and real estate portfolios, calling "home" wherever their current Airbnb's are booked. Places they've traveled to in the last two years include Canada, Portugal, England, Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Italy, Japan, and over 20 states in the beautiful USA.

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Elevate Equity
3 Degrees of Freedom podcast
Check out Derek’s free PDF “5 Point Blueprint: Setting Up A Passive Income Side-Hustle for Married Couples”

🖋️ Some key points:

(02:18) - Managing Business from Anywhere
(05:31) - Systems in Place
(08:55) - Automation and Skill Development
(09:54) - Skill Cultivation
(13:16) - The Importance of Creating SOPs
(14:57) - Benefits of Having an SOP Library
(16:40) - Implementing KPIs and Scorecards
(18:58) - Implementing Systems and Best Practices
(20:03) - Accidental Entry into Real Estate Investing
(39:04) - Importance of Reputation in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry
(39:48) - Collaboration and Competition in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry
(40:16) - Priority of Leaving a Good Impression
(41:09) - Contact Information and Resources for Real Estate Investors

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