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Apartment Investor's Club Podcast

Oct 12, 2022

Sandhya Seshadri is an experienced general partner in all aspects of multifamily from broker relationships, underwriting, analysis and raising capital to close syndication deals without delays.


Sandhya is a hands-on Operator with a strong focus on asset management after the honeymoon is over to add value to the two different customers in apartment investing who are the Limited Partners as well as Multifamily residents.  Sandhya is invested in 4000+ doors with $120MM+ AUM.


In her former life, Sandhya used to actively trade stocks and she has worked for 12+ years at Texas Instruments, Dallas, managing $80M projects with budgets in excess of $28M.  Sandhya holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA.

In this episode, Sandhya shares her view of the market and how to take advantage of the recent rise in interest rates. Will the multifamily market crash in October of 2022 due to rising interest rates?


"I think it's an excellent opportunity for syndicators and buyers like us to find deals."


Despite the recent rise in interest rates, Sandhya believes that there are still many opportunities for investors to find good deals and make good returns. She's especially bullish about multifamily investing in the Sunbelt states, where there is strong population growth and high demand for housing. In her view the market will continue to be strong in these areas, and that there will be many opportunities for investors to find good deals and make good returns.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. The market opportunity created by rising interest rates

2. The potential for discounts on apartment prices

3. The importance of finding the right location for an apartment investment

Key points

(01:09) Sandhya's view of the multifamily market.

(02:56) The recent rise in interest rates.

(03:43) Rising interest rates and pricing.

(04:21) Do interest rates continue to climb or stabilize 

(06:46) What are investors looking for in terms of returns & IRR

(10:05) What kinds of deals is Sandhya looking for

(16:44) Other things to consider about rental properties

(19:25) Being a woman in the syndication industry

(22:03) Emphasizing the safety of the areas when doing marketing

(23:23) How Sandhya got into multifamily investing, coming from engineering

(27:29) Where are Sandhya's investors from.

(28:48) The story of Sandhya's first deal

(31:33) Sandhya describes the workings of her own organisation

(34:56) What happens IF we go into a recession.

(39:35) Does Sandhya attract particular types of investors due to her background in engineering

(40:22) Final thoughts & how to reach out to Sandhya


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