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Apartment Investor's Club Podcast

Jul 26, 2023

If you're feeling trapped in the never-ending cycle of working long hours as a physician, only to see your hard-earned money disappear in investments that yield little returns, then you are not alone!

Many physicians find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed by their lack of financial freedom despite their successful...

Jul 19, 2023

J Scott is the epitome of evolution in the real estate market. From flipping houses to becoming an active multifamily investor, his journey has encompassed highs, lows, and major pivots.

J started in single-family real estate, scaling up to flipping nearly 450 houses from 2008 to 2018. As market dynamics changed,...

Jul 12, 2023

📌 Get Jay’s Free E-Book: Make An Offer: Breakthrough Analysis Paralysis and Gain the Confidence You Need to Become a Real Estate Investor.

Joining us today is Jay Helms, a genuine trailblazer in real estate investment, who transformed the inevitable upheaval of corporate instability into a financially liberating...

Jul 5, 2023

Meet Eric Chadderdon, a serial entrepreneur whose passion and drive for real estate has led him to impressive heights in the field.

Making a significant switch from running a solar company to becoming a key player in the multifamily investment space, Eric has made strides to fulfil his mission to find a better way to...