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The Empathic Life

Welcome to the Empathic Life, where we will explore all things unseen and the deeper meaning to our existence. 

Welcome everyone. 

Dec 31, 2022

This episode is delving into death, transition, and grief. New spiritual frameworks are offered to see death in new way consciously and allow the death of the old self which comes with greif in many different stages of life. Allowing and accepting uncomfortable feelings as a part of the human spectrum and framework of...

Dec 27, 2022

In this episode we discuss the philosophical belief systems that have been ingrained in our society around symptoms and we reframe and explore the truth of symptoms.  We will look at tools and ways to listen to our body and hear its innnate inborn wisdom. 

Nov 30, 2022

A brief discussion of totem animals, their origin and how to acknowledge and call in your Spirit Animal Energy. 

Oct 2, 2022

This episode explores the energy that can be brought forth from past lives and how that can play into our experiences this time around. How can we sever these old energies and allow the good to come forth and learn from the difficult. 

Aug 15, 2022

In this episode, we discuss following the breadcrumbs or intuitive hunches even when they don't make sense. When we are open we are lead to a lesson or a download from the divine that can come "through" others. Here is a story about learning to use your voice.