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Diaspora Food Stories

Apr 17, 2024

Michael Henderson is the founder of B.A.G. Travel or Black and Gay Travel that specializes in designing adventures for small groups to destinations around the world.

The "adventure designer," began traveling more than 20 years ago, taking his first solo trip to Thailand.  After returning, he knew travel would be a...

Apr 3, 2024

Rachel Adjei is a chef and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada.  In 2020, she founded The Abibiman Project, a social enterprise venture that introduces the abundance of flavors and ingredients from the African continent and its diaspora through dishes and products created to give back to organizations serving the...

Mar 20, 2024

Vernita Harris and Beatrice Moore have turned a 40-plus year friendship into a business over food. The friends met while in attending Praire View A & M University in Texas as college students and have since supported each other’s journeys through life since. 

Their friendship turned into a partnership during the...

Mar 6, 2024

New Jersey native Dr. Wanida Lewis founded Crescendo Foods, Ghana’s first shared kitchen coworking hub, in 2021.

A food scientist by profession, Crescendo Foods’ focus is to “create a Pan-African ecosystem to celebrate culture through food as well as art.” It also serves as a safe place where innovative ideas...

Feb 1, 2024

Happy Black History Month!

We're going to be taking a short break this month to enjoy the work we do that centers around telling Black food stories.

We'll be back on March 6 to kick off more great conversations with amazing people in food, drink and travel!

Until then, be sure to catch up on episodes and visit our