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Turley Talks

Jun 10, 2024

The nation of France is in turmoil after a stunning win by Marine Le Pen and the National Rally is followed by another stunner - the unexpected announcement by President Emmanuel Macron that he is suspending France’s parliament and calling for snap elections! 

Learn the latest on what’s happening in France after their rightwing tsunami, and what are the prospects for the rise of a Prime Minister Marine Le Pen.



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  • “National Rally, France’s patriot party, got a record 34% of the vote, twice as much as President Macron’s party En Marche.”
  • “What Macron is trying to do here with dissolving parliament and calling for snap elections is he’s trying to push back against the rise of National Rally. He’s banking on the notion that it’s very hard to win two back-to-back elections in a row.”


[02:42] The astonishing victory of the National Rally in France

[04:01] Russian official commenting on this humiliation of Macron

[04:40] Macron announcing he’s dissolving parliament and calling for snap elections

[10:48] Civilizational populism - the politics that’s increasingly ascending in France and throughout Europe 


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