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Turley Talks

Jun 11, 2024

AOC is freaking out over the prospect of Trump throwing her and Democrat ilk in prison! Both she and the interviewer appear so completely self-unaware, not recognizing that it’s Biden who’s actively trying to lock up his political opponents! 

But in the end, it’s an admission: our political ruling elites are scared witless over the prospects of a Trump return. Tune in to find out precisely why they ought to be!



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  • “According to this CBS poll, …what’s not affecting people’s decision on who they’re going to vote for - it’s the conviction! The verdict was a complete dud!”
  • “Since May there have been 30 accredited polls taken of battleground states. Trump has led in all but two of them!” 


[00:41] AOC freaking out that Trump will put her in jail

[02:18] The legacy media and the liberal leftists’ growing fear of Trump’s return

[03:36] On the persistent polling that shows Trump beating Biden across the board

[05:22] How the verdict is not affecting Trump in the polls

[07:16] How the issue of immigration is crushing Biden


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