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Surviving Hard Times

Jan 25, 2023

Cover crops have been around for over 10,000 years. It wasn’t until about 50 years ago that they started being replaced with chemical fertilizers, which many farmers saw as a more modern, efficient method.

But the tide may be turning again – back to the (cover crop) roots. And this time, there may be loads of economic opportunity and environmental sustainability to gain.

Press play to explore:

  • Tips for growing cash crops that will enrich soils, leading to better harvests
  • How algal blooms and drinking water problems can result from bare soils in the winter months
  • How relay cropping works and why it’s so useful

Mitch Hunter is an Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Forever Green Initiative at the University of Minnesota. This interdisciplinary initiative is dedicated to helping farmers and the environment by developing comprehensive crops, cropping systems, and supply chains for novel crops. The ultimate goal is to keep soils covered all year long, preventing fertilizer from washing into bodies of water, maintaining soil quality, and boosting overall productivity.

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