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Surviving Hard Times

Oct 13, 2022

Scott Wilson joins the podcast today to discuss all things gardening-related. Scott is a Master Gardener in the state of Colorado, where he educates people both in person and with his instructional Youtube videos.

Since 2004, Scott has been refining his approach to gardening and sharing his knowledge with people near and far. From starting seeds to harvesting crops, Scott is deeply familiar with every step of the gardening process. In this episode, he shares his techniques with us and reveals just what it takes to cultivate a healthy garden.  

Join the conversation now and you will uncover:

  • Why raised beds work so well for gardening, and what dimensions work best.
  • How hoops can benefit crop growth.
  • Different approaches to watering plants, and which methods work best.
  • The importance of saving seeds for future growing seasons, and where to store them.

Want to hear about helpful tips that will help you with your own gardening endeavors? Tune in now!

Visit to find out more about Scott’s gardening methods for yourself!

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