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Surviving Hard Times

Sep 26, 2022

Dr. Laura Tiu joins the podcast today to discuss her work as an aquaculture specialist. Dr. Tiu is a Marine Science Extension Agent with the University of Florida Sea Grant where she plays a major role in developing sustainable offshore aquaculture and promoting environmental awareness. 

Dr. Tiu communicates aquaculture research to the public, and is serving as a Marine Science Extension Agent in the panhandle of Florida. Over the years, she has cultivated expertise in environmental education to make important aquatic information accessible to those who need it… 

Click play to learn more about:

  • What an extension agent is, and how this role came about.
  • The difference between aquaponics and aquaculture.
  • The downsides of oyster farming in Florida.
  • The importance of monitoring water quality in aquafarming.

Aquaculture is a fascinating way to farm – and ensuring that is done in an environmentally responsible way is critical. Wondering what experts like Dr. Tiu are doing to hold these practices accountable and provide essential data? Join us now to find out!

You can learn more about Dr. Tiu and her work by clicking here!

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