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Surviving Hard Times

Oct 25, 2022

Joining the podcast today is Katie J. Field, Professor of Plant-Soil Processes at The University of Sheffield. With a deep fascination for plant and fungal interactions, Katie spends her time exploring the huge impact this relationship has on the world we live in today. 

Presently, Katie’s research focuses on plant-fungal symbioses and their applications in sustainable agriculture, and the evolution, diversity, and ecology of plant-fungal symbioses. These investigations have led her to an array of interesting discoveries – all having to do with the innate complexities within our planet’s ecosystem… 

Tune in now to discover:

  • Typical plant-fungi associations, and how they arise. 
  • What plant-fungal symbioses is, and how it occurs in nature. 
  • How fungal roots can protect plants against disease.
  • The complexity of soil, and how it influences plant-fungal interactions. 

So much of the plant life that we are familiar with has connections with fungal partners. Wondering how this plays into the overall functionality of our planet’s ecosystem as we know it? Jump into the conversation now to find out!

You can learn more about Katie and her research by clicking here!

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