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Surviving Hard Times

Mar 30, 2023

Can sound frequencies kill cancer – effectively acting as a cure? Dr. Bill McGraw, a prolific research scientist and the author of Aluminum Detox: An Easy Solution and Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease certainly thinks so…

Dr. McGraw rejoins the podcast today to discuss Rife Machines, a nearly century-old invention used to treat various ailments using electromagnetic frequencies. He says he has been using this form of non-invasive technology to treat his patients for years – at a 95% success rate.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How the “principle of resonance” contributes to killing bad bacteria, parasites, viruses, and even cancer cells. 
  • How Royal Raymond Rife discovered the powerful healing properties of frequencies.
  • The dark history of prescription drugs. 

Could Rife Machines be the cure to cancer we’ve all been hoping for? Join in now to see for yourself…

To learn more about Dr. McGraw and his work with Rife Machines, click here now!

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